Healing is the process of accepting all then choosing best.
- Neale Donald Walsch


The counseling process begins with a free 15 minute consultation where you can share a little about what you need help with. This call is confidential, and we can discuss setting up a date/time to meet in person or have an online teletherapy session.

The first session will be used to gather your history as well as more information about the problem and how it has been affecting your quality of life. Examples of common problems I treat include depression, mood disorders including Bipolar, anxiety, trauma, childhood abuse, codependency, marital issues, anger management, career transitions, and major life changes. The time frame of the therapy process is open and can range anywhere from a few months to a year or more.

Whether you are looking for individual, couples or family therapy, every session will be confidential and you will be provided with forms of consent for the therapy process at the time of the first meeting.

In regards to couples counseling, the first session will include both partners however there will be individual sessions with each client as the therapy progresses to identify each client’s needs and desires for the relationship. The majority of the sessions will be both partners, and the average length of couples therapy is six months to one year.

Therapy can also be conducted by video teletherapy on a HIPPA compliant platform if you are traveling or cannot physically make a session for any reason.

Therapy is terminated when the client feels ready to move forward with more confidence and a sense of wellness. Often clients know instinctively when they are ready to end therapy, and I work to make transition to end therapy as smooth as possible. “Check in” sessions following termination are common, and I will be happy to help assist in future sessions in any way I can.

Individual Therapy

Family Center for Healing offers one-on-one, confidential sessions with a personal therapist in a safe, caring and encouraging environment. We assist clients in developing new skills for coping with stress and challenging situations, identifying and shifting problematic patterns of thinking and behaving, as well as improving relationships.

Couples and Family Therapy

Most families will face problems that significantly challenge the functioning of the family unit at some point. These challenges may result from behavioral and mental health issues in the family or from specific stressful events. Couples and family therapy include interventions that are designed to help couples and families understand each other better, communicate more effectively and work proactively to disrupt unhealthy patterns.

Workshops / Seminars

FCFH provides numerous seminar topics for corporations, schools, clubs and community organizations. FCFH can also provide behavioral health seminars designed to fit the needs of your organization.

  • Stress Management
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Respect in the Workplace(Sensitivity, Diversity, Harassment)
  • Organizational Behavior Management